COVERAGE AREA and macrothesis

A comprehensive understanding of energy trends requires a look beyond supply and demand. The U.S. may not have any state-owned energy companies, but political leaders and regulators influence economic outcomes all the way from the mine mouth to the smoke stack and from the wellhead to gas pump. Our U.S. policy coverage seeks to identify, deconstruct and model relevant decision processes by looking at everything from macro-level political trends to politician-specific economic incentives. Our annual Energy Policy by the Numbers survey provides clients with our analytical tool set, including comprehensive, economic and political dashboards with state- and district-level granularity. We incorporate these tools into all of our research, including as-needed notes, reports and flash blasts regarding key U.S. policy or political issues. In addition, our periodic Macro Energy Briefing for upstream investors tracks key themes, contextualizes recent developments and outlines our forward-looking projections of relevant economic and policy trends.