COVERAGE AREA and macrothesis

State renewable portfolio standards and net energy metering strongly contributed to the geometric growth of U.S. renewable power capacity during the past five years. These standards have proven durable despite persistent conservative opposition. In addition, last December’s five-year extension of wind and solar tax credits put in place financial incentives intended to drive demand until the originally scheduled onset of Environmental Protection Agency’s Clean Power Plan. Even so, plenty of uncertainty remains. Utilities and state regulators are revisiting net metering policies, and efficiency targets are weakening the economic case for zero-carbon generation across the portfolio, nuclear energy included. Our power alternatives coverage gauges state and federal policies governing zero-carbon generation, renewable power storage and building and appliance efficiency. Clients receive as-needed research notes, reports and flash blasts. In addition, our monthly Regulated Energy Playbook for utility investors outlines key themes, examines recent legislative, regulatory and judicial developments and presents forward-looking assessments of coming events.