Managing Director Christi Tezak At CSIS

Managing Director Christi Tezak participated in a panel at the Center for Strategic and International Studies' July 14 event on The Future of Capacity Markets. The panel was moderated by CSIS Associate Fellow Michelle Melton, and Christi shared the stage with John Shelk, President and CEO of the Electric Power Supply Association, Michael Hogan, Senior Advisor at the Regulatory Assistance Project, and Craig Glazer, Vice President of Federal Government Policy at PJM Interconnection.

A video of the event can be accessed by clicking this link.

Managing Director Christine Tezak in InsideFERC

On April 22, InsideFERC quoted Managing Director Christi Tezak in a story entitled "Supreme Court protects FERC’s turf, nixing Maryland power incentive program."

The story can be accessed by clicking this link (note: paywall).

Christi Tezak, managing director of research at ClearView Energy Partners, noted that FERC not only won a second time but won 8-0. “I think a second win, even if narrow, is a pat on the back for FERC that they’re reading their jurisdiction correctly,” she said.