COVERAGE AREA and macrothesis

For decades, a psychology of energy scarcity begat supply- and demand-side fuels and vehicle policies designed to mitigate disruption and promote diversification. More recent efforts emphasized decarbonization, as well. Today, however, newly robust domestic supply has led policymakers to reconsider the pillars of the nation’s fuels security apparatus, such as Corporate Average Fuel Economy standards, the Renewable Fuel Standard and the tapestry of incentives for alternative fuel vehicles. Our fuels, vehicles and refining coverage provides clients with as-needed research notes, reports and flash blasts that consider growing tensions between yesterday’s policies and today’s market realities, including an examination of state-specific initiatives such as California’s Low Carbon Fuel Standard. In addition, our periodic Macro Energy Briefing for upstream investors tracks key themes, contextualizes recent developments and outlines our forward-looking projections of relevant economic and policy trends.